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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Writing content today? Try being super-specific

Almost every time you write a piece of content you have a choice to make: do you make it fairly generic so it appeals to everyone, or do you narrow it down to something more specific?

If in doubt, my preference is usually to go down the specific route. Here's why...

(Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels.)

It can be tempting to try to appeal to as many people as possible with each piece of content you write. Imagine a scenario where you write blogs for a company that sells gardening equipment. Your boss has asked you to write a blog to get interest in the pond maintenance equipment.you sell.

You might want to bash out a generic piece on ‘tips for garden pond maintenance’ because that's going to be suitable for anyone with a pond. But the problem is that there are lots of articles like that. You are pitching it right into a crowded, competitive space. 

But a piece on ‘garden pond maintenance for small, shady gardens’ is much more specific. Sure, it will only appeal to people with small, shady gardens, but there are lots of people like that and they have unique problems and questions. You would probably be the only company addressing their situation. You'd be writing something they actually want to read.

As a bonus, writing specific content opens up the door to writing a series of pieces, each one on an aspect of the situation. And even better, in my experience it's also much easier to write, because you'll be more focused.